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  Ipshita Chakraborty
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MS Student

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    Research and Professional Interests   
    1. Computational Fluid Dynamics
2. Mathematical modeling of physiological phenomena
3. Applications of the above in customized therapy and biomedical instrumentation
4. Information theory and network theory as applied to systems biology.
5. Astrophysics

My wide range of research interests stems from the fact that I have participated in varied research projects. At the expense of sounding abstract and theoretical,
Research should not depend on disciplines; the disciplines should depend on the research.
    Vanderbilt University, TN, Master of Science, Biomedical Engineering Major GPA: 3.5/4.0 Aug 07
•Ranked among top 5% of Class of 2005.
•Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
•Selected for Best Master’s Thesis recognition in Engineering, 2007-08.

Coastal Carolina University, SC, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Major GPA: 3.9/4.0 May 04
•President’s List Honoree 2002-04.
•Member of Mathematics (Pi Mu Epsilon) and Computer Science (Upsilon Pi Epsilon) honor societies.
    •Characterization of a passive diffusion microdevice for wound healing and chemotaxis studies, Oak Ridge Laboratory, TN, April 2007.

•Activation of kinase-binding sites on the convex side of arrestin molecule, oral presentation, Vanderbilt Graduate Student Research Day, September 2006.

•Ipshita Chakraborty and Philip Samson, Characterization of a passive diffusion microdevice for assays of chemotaxis and morphogenesis, 2006, Poster presentation, Vanderbilt Graduate Student Symposium.

•Generation of starburst model using X-Ray images and simulation results, Charleston, South Carolina, April 2004.

•Genotoxicity of water samples in Horry County, South Carolina Academy of Sciences, April 2004.

•X-Ray analysis of 3D starburst simulations, American Astrophysical Society, Atlanta, January 2004.

•Hydrodynamics Simulations of Starburst Galaxies, poster and oral presentation, SESAPS Wilmington, November 2003.

•Dennis Dinge and Ipshita Chakraborty, Hydrodynamic Simulations of Starburst Galaxies, 2005, Proceedings of the American Astrophysical Society, 605(4), 79-82.
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    Chemotaxis and morphogenesis-a review
Software issues encountered while modeling continuous phenomena
siRNA and gene silencing
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