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Manifold Microchannel Cooler for Direct Backside Liquid Cooling of SiC Power Devices, presented by Lauren Everhart at the Mechanical Engineering Summer Lecture series at the University of Maryland (July 2008). Power semiconductor devices are semiconductor devices used as switches or rectifiers in power electronic circuits (switch mode power supplies for example). They are also called power devices or when used in integrated circuits, called power ICs. Some common power devices are the power diode, thyristor, power MOSFET and IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor). A power diode or MOSFET, for example, operates on similar principles as its low-power counterpart, but is able to carry a larger amount of current and typically is able to support a larger reverse-bias voltage in the off-state. Structural changes are often made in power devices to accommodate the higher current density, higher power dissipation and/or higher reverse breakdown voltage. The vast majority of the discrete (i.e non integrated) power devices are built using a vertical structure, whereas small-signal devices employ a lateral structure. With the vertical structure, the current rating of the device is proportional to its area, and the voltage blocking capability is achieved in the height of the die. With this structure, one of the connections of the device is located on the bottom of the semiconductor [die].The role of packaging is to:

1.connect a die to the external circuit;
2.provide a way to remove the heat generated by the device;
3.protect the die from the external environment (moisture, dust);

Many of the reliability issues of power device are either related to excessive temperature of fatigue due to thermal cycling. Research is currently carried out on the following topics:

1.improve the cooling performance.
2.improve the resistance to thermal cycling by closely matching the Coefficient of thermal expansion of the packaging to that of the silicon.
4.increase the maximum operating temperature of the packaging material.

Research is also ongoing on electrical issues such as reducing the parasitic inductance of packaging. This inductance limits the operating frequency as it generates losses in the devices during commutation.Low-voltage MOSFETs are also limited by the parasitic resistance of the packages, as their intrinsic on-state resistance can be as low as one or two milliohms. Some of the most common type of power semiconductor packages include TO-220, TO-247, TO-262, TO-3, D2Pak, etc.


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Manifold  Microchannel  Cooler  for  Direct  Backside  
Liquid  Cooling  of  SiC  Power  Devices  
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