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This collection contains various videos and notes (mostly external content) that demonstrate fundamental concepts in fluid mechanics like Aerodynamics Generation of Sound, Cavitation, Channel Flow of a Compression Fluid, Deformation of Continuous Media, Eulerian Lagrangian Description,Flow Instabilities, Flow Visualization,Fluid Dynamics of Drag,Fluid Quantity and Flow, Fundamentals-Boundary Layers,Low Reynolds Number Flow, Magnetohydrodynamics,Pressure Fields and Fluid Acceleration,Rarefied Gas Dynamics,Rheological Behavior of Fluids,Rotating Flows,Secondary Flow,Stratified Flow,Surface Tension in Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence, Vorticity, Waves in Fluids etc. The starting point of this collection contains text and photographic material related to the sound films prepared under the direction of the National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films (NCFMF). The films, and the related text material herein, cover nearly all of the fundamental phenomena of fluid motions. The concept that brought the NCFMF into existence was the conviction that films would provide a convenient, economic, and powerful way of filling a serious educational gap. On the one hand are the concrete, experimental, perceptual phenomena of the real world of fluid motion. On the other hand is the abstract, mathematical, conceptual treatment of the subject in textbooks and classroom lectures.


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